Discover the future of home energy with Keystones Energy VPP

Goodbye power bills,
Hello smart energy income!

Keystones Energy Solutions is leading the solar energy revolution with VPP Cloud-based
software that turns your home into a Virtual Power Plant and Energy Trader!

How does VPP smart energy trading work?

Your solar powered home becomes a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) with DE recommend battery and inverter combination

Your home charges the solar battery which stores energy and powers your home 24hrs a day. The Inverter is connected to DE specialized software

Our revolutionary cloud based software monitors your inverter and the Grids energy demand. At the optimum moment the software sells your excess power back to the Grid maximizing your energy income

Using the DE Insights mobile app, you can easily track the trades and your income statements from the comfort of your phone

Make Keystones Energy VPP the smarter choice for your future

With your solar and battery join our Virtual Power Plant and receive:


Guaranteed discounts applied to your usage charges.

VPP Smart Energy Income

Premium solar feed-in rate (45c/kWH Feed In Tariff*) plus profit sharing on trades managed by the Discover Energy Trading Platform using your stored solar energy. Get quicker ROI on solar and storage!

Real Income

VPP members can cash out their energy trading profits.

FREE Discover Energy app

To monitor and manage your home’s solar energy (RRP $700). The app seamlessly integrates with virtual assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google.

Increase The Value Of Your Commercial Building

The installed solar panels can drastically improve the value of your property, helping you to maximize your funds down the track.

24/7 Online Account Management

You can manage your account and check your usage online 24/7 using My Account or your FREE DE Insight App.

No Exit Fee or Lock in Contract

Enjoy 12 Months of Benefit with no lock-in contracts

eBilling and eCorrespondence only

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