Commercial Solar

Solar power system for commercial properties

Keystones Energy specialize in the design and installation of Solar Power Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Government Property.

Solar provides immediate savings and excellent protection against constant energy price rises. Keystones help you explore whether solar power system makes sense for your business to reduce ongoing electricity costs.

Benefits to have a Solar Power System for commercial property

Reduce electricity bills

Commercial solar power can reduce electricity bills by a substantial amount. Solar energy provides a managed cost after installation.

Government incentives

The Australian government offers tax incentives and rebates for small-scale technology certificates that can assist in upfront installation costs for commercial solar power system.

Commitment to sustainability

Switching to commercial solar power provides your business green credentials, an incredibly important advantage in today’s consumer-driven society.

Reduce greenhouse gases and carbon footprint

Switching your business to the commercial solar panel can significantly reduce the impact your energy consumption has on the production of greenhouse gases.

Increase the value of your commercial building

The installed solar panels can drastically improve the value of your property, helping you to maximize your funds down the track.

Maintain financial stability – reduce operating costs

Commercial solar power can help you grow your business by allowing you to maintain financial stability and invest funds into expanding and improving business efficiency.

Recent Commercial Solar projects

Added a 6.6kW solar system to top off this roof restoration

The hills are alive! 18kW with battery
at Kandanga.

6.6kW system installed
at Weyba Downs

Why choose us for Commercial Solar


Most solar companies provide limited, short-term workmanship warranties. Keystones stands by the quality of the work we do, so we provide an industry-leading 10 Year Workmanship Warranty that gives you additional peace of mind.


When you call Keystones you will speak with a seasoned industry professional. Keystones provides professional engineering advice to determine the best Solar Power System to suit your business.


Our consultants will assess your business either on-site where practical or using high-resolution satellite imagery, before providing a detailed Business Case. You will be informed about all facets of the installation, from planning to connecting.


Keystones has adopted and provided multiple finance options such as leasing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). These solutions offer you the ability to go solar with no upfront cost and often with positive cashflow from day one.

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