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Solar System Service and Maintenance Checks

We specialise in electrical and solar maintenance. Solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their highest efficiency. Solar panels in areas in new estates, are subjected to ash fall, bird droppings, salt spray or dust and road grime, needed to be cleaned at least every 3-6 months. Our advanced solar panel cleaning system used Ionised water which disinfects, kills bacteria and leaves a protective coat on the service of the panel. Our advanced cleaning system is like no other.

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How we can help


If you have any sort of concerns or unsure if your solar power system is working properly, book our general inspection service for a full system check.


We are able to assist with all solar panels and inverters and inverter errors. We will be able to diagnose the fault on the inverter and provide a solution to the problem. For more info on faults with solar inverters, please visit our FAQ section.


We have specialised solar testing meters to test the performance of individual solar panels


With our specialised software and testing meters, we can check the output of your solar power system and advise whether or not is it performing like it should be.


Are your solar panels dirty but you would prefer not to get on the roof to clean them? Contact us to arrange a cleaning appointment or to add a panel clean to your general inspection.


We perform basic system inspections through to comprehensive inspections. Comprehensive inspections on your solar power system can be conducted upon request. This includes testing inverter efficiency and panel efficiency including testing for potential PID issues on solar panels.

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